3 Teens Arrested in String of Monsey Synagogue Thefts

| April 4, 2010

MONSEY, N.Y. (AP) — Police conducting a surveillance operation arrested three teens in connection to a number of thefts at synagogues.

Authorities said the charity boxes at several synagogues in Monsey were burglarized in recent weeks. Other thefts targeted wallets and credit cards taken from unattended clothing at the facilities.

Ramapo police were watching a synagogue as part of a surveillance operation when it was burglarized last week. The suspects were arrested that day.

Two of the teens, both 16, are facing charges of multiple felonies including burglary and grand larceny, as well as several misdemeanors.

The other teen, 14 years old, has been charged with juvenile delinquency.



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