73 Year-Old Charged with Sex Assault at Church Food Pantry

| June 19, 2010

73-year-old Cyrl Ho Sung Chung was arrested Thursday for 7 counts of misdemeanor sexual assault.

Three women and a 16-year-old girl, who would not speak on camera, say while volunteering at The St. Patrick Church Food Pantry & Outreach Chung began to make sexual advances both verbally and physically.

"He was a very good worker and I had no problems with him," says Pat Kaslausky, Outreach coordinator.

She says she never witnessed any misconduct.

The victim's claim complaints to the church were made but nothing was immediately done.

"As soon as I found out I did go up to Pat and she did take action," says Chris Yang, First LAP Operations Manager.

First LAP is a program for ex-prisoners. Chung had started volunteering for the food pantry while in the program, but left the house months before the sexual assaults began.

"He never did anything like this while he was in the program," says Yang.

"No I didn't see anything but when I learned about it I told him to leave," says Kaslausky.

But the victim's say even after they quit in March, they continued to see Chung volunteer on the property in May.

"The thing is when he was here he was not here for sexual abuse, if it was for sexual abuse we would not have taken him," says Kaslausky.

Chung has a lengthy criminal record dating back to 1954. His convictions include several robberies, and terroristic threatening.

"It did come as a surprise to me," says Yang. "At First LAP we do not take sexual offenders we do not."

"If it really did happen as they say, I would have done something sooner," says Kaslausky.

Chung is being held in police custody on $14,000 bail.



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