Abandoned Jackson church ransacked

| July 6, 2010

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – A concerned viewer called 3 on Your Side to investigate repeated church break-ins. Police told WLBT Victory Cathedral has been abandoned for years and is a target for thieves. The church is located at 220 Moss Avenue off West Capitol Street.

Neighbors said thieves have ruined this once beautiful place of worship. The inside of the church was ransacked, stained glass windows smashed and copper wiring stolen. Even authorities were shocked at the findings.

The latest break- in occurred over the weekend. Witnesses said thieves loaded up several pews in broad daylight.

There is crime in this neighborhood. WLBT was even victimized. The window of our new car was smashed out Monday and the reporter's purse stolen while we covered the story.

Neighbors said the area has been abandoned by too many absentee landlords and owners, and it's past time for action.

"It's open for anybody to go up in. It's open for disaster. It's open for some harm to come to kids," said a resident of the area, Gloria Chancellor. "So the thing is my cousin says it's, it needs to be people getting involved."

Little effort has been made to secure the church. Burglar bars are on just a few windows. Frustrated neighbors want the owners to clean it up, but they don't know where to turn.

Chancellor posed this question: "Who owns the church , who used to own it? You let them know close it up or something. Ain't nobody going to do anything," she said.

In the cathedral, we found Sunday bulletins dating back to 2001. They listed the pastor as Bishop R.K. Pitts and the co-pastor as Dr. Barbara Pitts. When we traced ownership through county land rolls, they indicated the owner as Victory Cathedral Outreach Ministry, Inc. and listed a P.O. Box in Jackson.

We were unable to contact Bishop Pitts for comment.



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