Abilene’s Holy Family Church among churches suspending communion cup over flu epidemic

| January 15, 2013

ABILENE, TX –  Holy Family Church in Abilene is among Catholic churches in the Big Country to suspend the use of the communion cup during worship.

The church is following strict orders from their regional Bishop MIchael Pfeifer in San Angelo as part of an effort to prevent the flu from spreading.

The San Angelo Diocese has suspended churches in 29 Texas counties — including Taylor and Brown — have from taking the communion cup in church.

One Associate Pastor announced to the congregation, "We do not share the peace greeting with a handshake and he suggests that instead we turn to the person next to us and express a word of kindness and peace."

"When we pray the Lord's Prayer we do not hold hands as we customarily do in many situations," Father Fred Nawarkas of Holy Family Church said.



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