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Congregational Security News Blog is the first in-depth news blog that covers security issues and incidents that occur at places of worship and religious institutions worldwide. The Congregational Security News Blog is powered by Congregational Security Inc (CSI) and its Intelligence and Investigative Divisions. The blog serves as a start point for law enforcement, clergy, church and synagogue administrators, laypersons and safety team volunteers to gain a better knowledge of security incidents happening all over the world that affect places of worship and religious institutions. Our readers benefit from CSI's Intelligence Division who gathers and analyze security incidents that affect places of worship 24 hours a day. With offices in the United States, Israel, United Kingdom and India our readers can gain both a local and international prospective on the changing world around them that can affect security at their place of worship. Our readers also can interact with our intelligence professionals and other readers by leaving comments and questions at the end of each article.

Want More In-depth Analysis and Intelligence Services?

CSI provides intelligence analysis and services to our clients 24 hours day. Our intelligence division has been tracking security incidents at places of worship for over 8 years and has a database of thousands of incidents that has happened at places of worship since 1999. This database contains news articles, interviews, video, audio and other documents. By 2013 our database will contain information on security incidents affecting places of worship going back to the late 1950's. The database is used in developing training for our clients, lessons learned applications, trend tracking, analysis and identification of behavioral patters of criminals and groups that affect the security of our clients and places of worship. Our intelligence division also provides information, analysis and support for event planning, mission trips, dignitary visits, threats made against our clients and during major security incidents such as major terror attacks, disasters and health emergencies. For more information on our intelligence services and other security services provided by CSI please email us at [email protected].

About CSI Intelligence Division

CSI's intelligence division is the first and only intelligence division serving the security needs of the religious community and places of worship. Our agents and analysts are seasoned professionals that have served with agencies like the US Secret Service, CIA, FBI, US State Department, MI6, Scotland Yard, Shin Bet, and Mossad. Our Intelligence Division work around the clock 24 hours a day to support our clients security needs. We have working relationships with the world’s top law enforcement agencies to give our clients the valuable information and unrestricted access they need to secure their place of worship and keep their congregants safe.


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