About CSI

Congregational Security Inc (CSI) is a 24-Hour security company that provides security services, consulting, support and training to religious facilities and places of worship of all faiths and religions. Most religious facilities and places of worship over look security and security issues and become victims of crime and terror. CSI can help you, your place of worship and your congregation identify security issues and threats to your place of worship, as well as, provide a solution that will be effective, yet non-intrusive, that will still preserve the atmosphere of worship. CSI is comprised of the most experienced and vetted security professionals in the security industry and is backed by a global security network. Our staff's background comes from both international law enforcement and private security. They have been trained by and served with the most elite security agencies such as the US Secret Service, US State Department, Israeli Security Agency, Shin Bet, Mossad and the Scotland Yard to name a few. CSI is committed to providing our clients with a sense of security by offering a world class service to religious facilities and places of worship throughout the world.

For more information please visit us @ congregationalsecurityinc.com

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