Accused of snatching a child from a church nursery

| August 5, 2009

KENTWOOD, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – The woman accused of stealing a baby from a church daycare faced a judge in Kent County on Tuesday.


At the hearing, a preliminary exam for Tabitha Reid was pushed back to allow for physical and psychological exams.


Police believe that Reid kidnapped one-year-old Savannah Nolf from the Kentwood Community Church in June. Savannah was found unharmed, but her kidnapping is part of a series of bizarre instances where women have, or have been accused of taking someone else’s child so that they can have one of their own.


The true motives may never be known, professionals have one idea, and they victims in this case say they have another.


Savannah’s father, Tom Nolf, says it wasn’t simply insanity that drove Reid to grab his daughter.


"The fact she volunteered at the church my daughter was taken from, she had the perfect motive, perfect opportunity to pull it off," said Tom.


Currently it looks as though the attorneys and judge want to see if Reid is fit to stand trial.


On Tuesday, Reid’s attorney told the judge that her client doesn’t understand the charges and can’t help her build a defense in her kidnapping case.


Savannah’s parents are still shaken by the events, especially now that Reid’s attorney said she’s already planning on using an insanity defense, depending on the circumstances in the criminal case.


"Just chills, a sick feeling in my stomach like I can’t believe it happened, just hoping everything goes the way that it should," said Tom.


Whether Reid was insane or not, the case has scared many parents, a baby taken from, of all places, a church nursery.


Investigators say that Reid told them she simply wanted a child, and that’s the reason she took young Savannah.


On Tuesday Newschannel 3 sat down with a social worker and asked, short of insanity, why would Reid do something like this.


"Just the desire to have children in itself, when that can’t be fulfilled, that can be a burning pain in someone’s life as well," said George Tyndall of Bethany Christian Services.


Tyndall says such feelings often come from either social, or emotional, isolation.


"Someone may have people in their lives, but they don’t share with them what’s going on, they convince themselves no one can understand my pain, nobody has felt the sort of pain I am feeling, there’s a sort of helplessness and hopelessness," said Tyndall.


It may be several months before there is another hearing in the Reid case.

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