Arson suspected in fire at Tabernacle Christian School

| August 17, 2009

The first day of school began today for the 50-60 students at Tabernacle Christian School although someone set the school’s administrative building on fire and vandalized classrooms Sunday evening while church services were going on.


According to a Clarksville police report, a woman who worked in the church in the 300 block of Market Street was told a window to a portable classroom had been broken out.

The suspect entered the classroom through the window and rummage through the classroom, the report said.

Cabinets in the bathroom were open, two two-way radios were removed from a charger and found on a a desk and an empty condom wrapper was found on the floor, the report said.

Two zip drives were taken from a teacher’s desk. Hair was found on the desk next to the radio and a used condom found outside the classroom near the playground, the report said.

It was then observed a building across the parking lot, where the school does administrative duties was set ablaze.

More than $250,000 worth of damage was done to the building and several rooms in the building sustain water, smoke and fire damage.

Administrative duties were conducted in the Tabernacle Baptist Church lobby.

Katobwa Stallworth, principal at the school said parents, volunteers and church members came together Sunday night to clean up glass and straighten classrooms so school could start this morning.

Police are investigating the arson. Stallworth said she suspects a juvenile may be involved.

"I feel saddened because you don’t want to judge any one, but you want people to be safe. I felt that as a community we need to be paying more attention to young people and their whereabouts and character. It’s our communities responsibility to do such."

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