Attack attempt at church follows man’s expulsion

| May 10, 2010

A man tried to attack members of Cleveland Hill United Methodist Church with a fire extinguisher and a fireplace poker after he was asked to leave a Sunday service for using profanity, Buffalo police reported.

Northeast District officers say the man began causing the disturbance at 1:25 p. m. inside the church at 546 Eggert Road, near Kensington Avenue, and he was told to leave.

After the man snatched a fire extinguisher from the wall, a member of the congregation grabbed him, and both fell to the floor in the struggle.

The man tried to hit the parishioner, Kenneth Thurlow, with the extinguisher, but Thurlow’s son intervened. He then grabbed a poker from a fireplace set before he was restrained.

Churchgoers then pushed the man out the door and locked it behind him. Witnesses identified the attacker, a Dartmouth Avenue man, and his probation officer was being contacted.

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