Bibles Burned By Vandals At Titusville Church

| January 28, 2010

TITUSVILLE, Fla. — Vandals have been targeting churches in Titusville. They broke into four different churches across the city and, in one case, they burned bibles inside.

New Venture Church in Titusville is getting a thorough cleanup and fresh paint, but there's no cause for celebration.

“I guess what breaks my heart most of all is this is the room for our kids, and to see their faces when they look at it,” Pastor Charlie Arms said.

Pastor Arms is faced with $100,000 in fire and smoke damage after vandals broke through some glass windows, threw all the bibles into a big pile and put a match to them. And one of the church's fire extinguishers was sitting right nearby; it seems the vandals had no intention of using it.

A few blocks away, somebody pried open the door at Way of Life Church and left behind some nasty messages.

“According to the language that was written on the chalkboard inside here, this person didn't have much respect for Christianity and God,” Pastor Garry Weaver said.

Around the corner at St. Andrew United Methodist, someone smashed a window at the church office. At Westside Baptist, vandals smashed $1,500 worth of windows and doors.

At New Venture Church, Pastor Arms wouldn’t mind if the crooks were caught.

“We want them to find God. That's our heart's prayer more than anything. And, if it takes justice for that to happen, that's what we pray for,” Arms said.

All the break-ins happened over the last month. Police say some of the church crimes might be related, but so far no arrests have been made in any of the cases.

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