Bishop of Monmouth warns of witchcraft break-ins on church property

| March 31, 2012

Witches have been breaking into churches and graveyards to perform black magic rituals, a leading Church in Wales cleric has revealed.

Bishop of Monmouth Dominic Walker said the incidents coincided with a resurgence in witchcraft in recent years, with the number of occult groups performing both wicca – or white magic – and black magic on the rise.

And while not a frequent occurrence, Bishop Walker said he had been called on several occasions during his nine-year ministry to help people escape these “satanic groups”.

The bishop claimed pagans hoping to use occult powers “for good, for healing and for love” had led the wicca revival.

But he also said that as a direct result of this increased interest in wicca, more people had begun practising the “black arts”.

“White magicians would say they’re an ancient religion which give equality to men and women … but also occult powers can be used for evil so the other side of it is that there are more involved in the black magic,” he said.

“They hex, curse people [and] they try to use their powers for their own personal gain.”

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