Bomb Damages Church Building in Colombia

| June 12, 2010

BOGOTA – A church building in northwestern Colombia suffered minor damage when a bomb went off outside its walls, the Catholic Diocese of Santa Rosa de Osos said.

The bombing, which did not cause any casualties, is “a direct attack on the church,” the clergy of the diocese said in a statement released by the Colombian bishops conference.

The Catholic Church, they said, “exercises its ministry on the basis of its prophetic mission, which includes the exposure and denunciation of the difficult situation experienced by the country and in particular, the Diocese of Santa Rosa de Osos.”

The clergy also expressed solidarity with their bishop, Jairo Jaramillo Monsalve, who spoke out about corruption and criminal activity during a May 6 visit to Santa Rosa de Osos by Colombian President Alvaro Uribe.

In comments at an event with Uribe, Bishop Jaramillo said the profits of drug trafficking and unregulated mining were being used to finance armed groups in the region.

The statement from the diocese offered no speculation on who might have been behind the bombing. EFE

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