Bournemouth church fire fears lead to fencing

| September 17, 2009

A FENCE has been erected to protect a Bournemouth church from arson attacks after burnt-out vehicles were abandoned in the car park.

The Rev Pat Nesbitt, vicar of St Andrew’s in Kinson, said the council had decided to put up a fence around part of the car park following meetings between civic leaders and fire chiefs.

He added: “Over recent years we’ve had lots of burnt-out cars abandoned in the car park and the fear was that the church would be set on fire.

“The car park belongs to the council who thankfully agreed to take steps to protect the church. The gate will be locked at night but opened each morning.

“We are very grateful for all the help we have received to safeguard our place of worship. We’re not stopping people from using the car park; a section, further away from the church, is still available.”

Weddings and funerals are still being held in the Millhams Road church with services taking place in the adjacent church centre.

Fundraising for a major church renovation scheme, estimated at costing £250,000, is due to get under way later this year or early next year.

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