Bullets strike pastor’s home in Raynham as family sleeps

| October 10, 2009

At least five bullets ripped through a two-story house in Raynham early Thursday that belongs to the pastor of a church in Dorchester, missing eight family members who were sleeping inside, authorities said.

The pastor, Bishop Wayne Jordan of Victory Chapel Church, was out of town on business, and his family was not injured in the shooting on Locust Street, which occurred at about 1:30 a.m., a minister and police said yesterday.

The Rev. Bruce Wall, pastor of Global Ministries Christian Church in Codman Square in Dorchester, said he has known the minister for about four years and said that Jordan believes his house was targeted. Wall spoke on behalf of the family yesterday but said Jordan may speak about the shooting in the coming days.

“I talked with the bishop last night and again today, and he is very concerned for his family,’’ Wall said. “There were problems when they moved in a couple of years ago, with people passing by and using the N-word.’’

“The police are not saying this is a hate crime, but I don’t believe that this is random. The bishop wants all avenues open; he doesn’t want it to just be investigated as a drive-by.’’

Police Chief Louis Pacheco said yesterday that while the bullets did not pierce any of the bedrooms where Jordan’s family slept, the result could have been different if the muzzle was pointed an inch or two in a different direction. Bullets pierced a steel-lined front door and interior walls and damaged a big-screen television.

Wall said: “The fear factor is definitely there, but he doesn’t want to give in to that. He doesn’t want to move the family out of the home or out of the community. We may have some pastors go down there and stay with the family, maybe sit in cars.’’

The shooting occurred at a time when Jordan usually walks through his house to make sure everything is locked up, Wall said.

“It was just fortunate that he was out of town. I’m shocked that something like this would happen in Raynham.’’

Jordan and Wall have radio shows on WWZN-AM (1510), a 50,000-watt station. Jordan broadcasts Saturday and Sunday mornings. Last week they hosted a political forum featuring Mayor Thomas M. Menino of Boston and challenger Michael Flaherty.

“It was huge; we got a lot of response,’’ Wall said. “It’s a religious show, but it’s also very political. We haven’t had any problems with irate callers or anything like that.’’

Pacheco said he talked with Jordan by telephone yesterday morning and that Jordan didn’t indicate that he believes the shooting was a hate crime. “And there have been no previous incidents at that address either,’’ Pacheco said.

The chief did say that there was a shooting on Locust Street several years ago, when someone fired several shots at a house about a mile away, but that the incident was unrelated and involved a drug dispute.

The Raynham police chief said his officers intend to thoroughly investigate the shooting, including, if needed, interviewing friends and associates of the family.

“Mr. Jordan’s family, as well as extended family and foster kids live there, so we’re talking about little children up to a grandmother,’’ he said.



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