Catholic staffer accused of embezzling $1.2m

| July 30, 2011

A Catholic education worker allegedly defrauded ACT schools of more than $1million, using an intricate web of fake identities, offshore bank accounts and deceptive transactions.

A worker inside the Catholic Education Office, which administers and supports the Church's schools, is accused of secretly embezzling $1.2million since 2004, using it to fund a life of excess and overseas trips. The 50-year-old Calwell man, who cannot be named, allegedly created a number of fictitious identities, which he used to pocket the money through shady financial practices. Police allege that, for six years, the employee continually defrauded the organisation he worked for, unbeknown to his colleagues.

But that changed late last year, when an anonymous letter sent to the Catholic Education Office uncovered the alleged embezzlement. An internal investigation revealed irregularities and the office notified ACT Policing, which has pursued the case since last October.

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