Cedar Hill church site defaced by racist graffiti

| May 27, 2010

CEDAR HILL — Construction of New Beginnings Community Fellowship has barely started, and already the sin of hate confronts Senior Pastor Rodney B. Frazier.

Vandals defaced signs at the site, blacking out a photograph of Frazier. They also added misspelled racist messages that are too offensive to repeat.

"Sometimes you do feel like enough is enough, but I think God is going to use this for good," Frazier said. "I'm a firm believer that we live in a sad world, a deprived world, a world of depravity, that's in need of a savior."

Neighbors said that whatever point the vandals had hoped to make has backfired. The new church is welcome in their community.

"Since the neighborhood is near the church, hopefully there's no reflection on that," said Michael Lemmon, who lives nearby. "Hopefully it's from someone outside the area and not from our city."

And for the crime to take place in this city on the southern edge of Dallas County that is so racially diverse, even city leaders are stumped.

The Kingswood neighborhood adjacent to the church is 40 percent white, 60 percent minority.

"I've talked to people this morning, and I've asked when's the last time they saw something like this, and nobody recalls anything like this," said Cedar Hill spokesman Corky Brown.

Police say what happened at the future home of New Beginnings Community Fellowship is a serious crime and will be thoroughly investigated.

"Because it's at a church, it now becomes a state graffiti issue, and our assistant chief was telling me that because of that … it may be a state felony," Brown said.

Starting next week, Cedar Hill Mayor Rob Franke expects to hold community meetings to let residents vent, express their concerns and show support for New Beginnings Community Fellowship.



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