Chatham priest murder trial will begin next week

| October 10, 2011

A jury of 16 Morris County residents is expected to be impaneled Monday to hear the trial of the church custodian charged with fatally stabbing the Rev. Edward Hinds in Chatham two years ago.

County prosecutors and two defense lawyers spent nearly all of September and the first week of this month prequalifying a pool of 68 people who said jury service would not be a hardship and that they did not have any biases or unusual qualms about hearing the evidence.

From the pool of 68 people, the lawyers can exercise a total of 32 peremptory challenges, or excuse certain people without stating their reasons.

Sixteen people ultimately will be selected for the jury, including four who will be designated before deliberations begin to act as alternates.

If final jury selection goes smoothly, opening trial statements could occur Monday, but could be put off until Oct. 18.

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