Chinese nuns injured in church burglaries

| July 5, 2010

Two nuns were injured by an armed man as burglaries hit churches on two successive nights in Weihui diocese, Henan province, China.

The thief, a man in his 30s, broke into a church in Yanjin county, 35 kilometers outside Weichui city, on June 27. He stole a mobile phone and 370 yuan (US$55).

Disturbed by Sisters Wang Haiqin and Niu Chunqiao, who had only just moved into the church, the man assaulted them and fled. Sister Niu sustained serious injuries to her arms and legs. Sister Wang received a blow to the head but was able to get outside to summon help. A passing taxi driver called the police.

The nuns have been discharged from hospital after treatment, but are still suffering from psychological trauma and need counseling, Church sources said.

A convent attached to the Weihui city church was robbed on the previous night. The convent was unoccupied as most of the nuns were away on retreat. Around 3,000 yuan (US$443) was stolen, including 2,000 yuan from the treasurer’s room.

The incidents are under police investigation. It is unknown if both were carried out by the same person, but it is believed that they are simply burglaries, not crimes aimed specifically against the Church.

The diocese curia has advised all parishes and nuns’ houses to strengthen their security measures and Bishop Thomas Zhang Huaixin has met with security officials to ask for more protection of Church premises and workers.

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