Church desecration by daytime vandals

| March 10, 2012

SADDENED church officials say they might be forced to consider locking the doors to the parish church in Gedney after vandals smashed memorials inside.

Hymn books and masonry were also thrown around inside St Mary Magdalene Church and graffiti put in the visitors’ book during the attack, which happened during the day on Sunday.

Churchwarden William Webb said: “It’s sheer vandalism.

“We do not think anything has been stolen but a Victorian memorial has been badly damaged and some of the masonry thrown about.

“It’s another case of our dear church being desecrated. Just recently we have had the lead bottoms of the guttering stolen from outside the church and we had a major incident a few years ago when the windows were smashed.

“We find it extremely disappointing and sad that people should want to inflict damage on an ancient monument.”

The damage was discovered as the church was about to be locked up for the evening at 6pm. The church had been open to visitors since 9am.

A memorial dated 1840 for Robert Willington Gent suffered the most damage during the attack.

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