Church Focuses On Safety After Kidnapping

| January 3, 2010

STATESVILLE, N.C. — A large than usual crowd filled the pews Sunday at Broad Street United Methodist Church in Statesville.

The church held its first service on Sunday since two employees were kidnapped and robbed last week. Church officials said they’ve already made changes to improve security since the violence.

Pastor Don Shulman said the masked gunman came into the church's office Thursday morning.

The gunman forced one woman into the trunk of a car, while he forced another to drive with him to area ATMs. The two employees were not injured.

On Sunday, Shulman said the gunman took the church's keys during the robbery. He’s spent the last few days changing all the locks in the building. He also met with other church officials to discuss more security improvements.

In his sermon, Shulman stressed the importance of not living in fear. "The main message is not to let fear control your life," Shulman said. “And realizing that as a church we have a duty to perform. It's a risky business, but we've got to continue to do it."

Police have still not identified the man accused in the kidnapping.

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