Church Hero Speaks Out About Catching Woman’s Attacker

| September 15, 2009

CORPUS CHRISTI – The man accused of trying to rape a woman at a Southside church Sunday morning remains in custody at the county jail.

Police have identified Frederick Anderson, 35, as the man who attacked the 77-year-old woman at Most Precious Blood Church around 7 a.m. Sunday.

The victim told police Anderson grabbed her, pulled up her skirt and pulled down his pants, which is when she screamed, scratched him and then hit him with a door handle.

Ignacio Donez and a fellow Knight of Columbus, were cooking behind the building when he heard screaming.

Anderson had followed the church volunteer into a storage closet before she eventually fought him off. By that time, Donez and another man had arrived and cornered him.

It might have been a case of mistaken identity that compelled Anderson to give up.

"As I approached him from behind, he did a quick turnaround, and I instructed him, "Get on the ground and put your hands on your head". He turned his head complete, and perhaps at a quick glance, the Knights of Columbus logo is embroidered on our left breast pocket, and at a quick glance, it almost looks like a badge, like a law enforcement badge," Donez said.

He said Anderson quickly obeyed, and said "I’m not resisting", as if to a police officer.

"It was quick. I expected a scuffle, but looking at this size, he was slightly taller than I was. I have a wider build, so I figured I could handle it," Donez explained.

Donez had no fear because he has gone through military training in the Navy and even served as a medic in Iraq five years ago.

Sadly, he had to return home from the war zone to get into a dangerous confrontation.

"It’s ironic, and at the same time, it’s almost sickening to think that, of all places, a church, for this to occur. But, if anything, it just points to the fact that God puts people in certain positions for a reason," Donez said. 

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