Church is dismayed about theft suspect

| June 5, 2010

The pastor of Community Baptist Church is disappointed that someone the church tried to help is accused of breaking into it and stealing musical instruments and equipment.

But that's not going to stop the church's mission work, the Rev. Eric Workman said.

"We will try to keep moving forward," Workman said.

The Davidson County Sheriff's Office received the report of the break-in last Thursday.

That's when it was discovered that someone had broken into the church and stolen two guitars and a speaker.

Three young men were arrested and charged with felony breaking and entering of a church, felony larceny after breaking and entering, and injury to real property.

Those arrested were Christopher Lee De-Camp, 19, of 548 Nance Road in Denton; Christopher Shane Sloan, 20, of 12436 E. Old Highway 64 in Lexington; Todd Elmer Lambeth, 23, of 6645 E. Old Highway 64 in Trinity. De-Camp was also charged with obtaining property by false pretense. Sloan was also charged with possession of stolen property and aiding and abetting the obtaining of property by false pretense. All face court appearances on June 30.

The church operates the Community of Hope Mission for Men, which is near the church. The mission helps people who are dealing with addiction and other problems. One of the men arrested was staying at the mission when the break-in occurred, Workman said. He declined to say which man.

Capt. Casey Tarleton of the sheriff's office said that one of the guitars was found at a pawnshop, and the speaker has been recovered.

Both have been returned to the church.

Church break-ins aren't common, Tarleton said. "That's the last place I would want to break in, but we do have runs," Tarleton said.

He added that the items were apparently stolen to get money, and that given the economy, he is not that surprised.

One guitar is still missing. Workman said that the missing guitar isn't worth a lot of money but did have a lot of sentimental value.

The church carried on with its worship service last Sunday with other musical instruments.

Sunday, the guitar and speaker will be back in use.

Workman said he was grateful that the church got back some of its equipment.

And he's not angry.

"We love them," he said. "It is unfortunate. We have tried to help one of those young men."

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