Church members vow to reach out to community following church shooting

| April 2, 2010

KINSTON, N.C. – Caught in gunfire during bible study. It may sound outrageous, but that’s exactly what happened at Saint Mark Ministries Church in Kinston last night.

It isn’t the first time gunfire has ripped through the church.

It’s happened before.

“We have had another shooting at the church last year,“ said Hilda Royal, member. “That time the church was empty. This time, however, a much different story. “We saw the powder from the dust from the shot coming from the building and we hit the floor.“

A turn of events none in the crowd of nearly forty could predict.

Bible study was about half way over when church members heard gunshots outside and then a bullet came through a wall.

Our cameras caught a fight just down the street from the incident.

“We see it during the daytime, we see it during the afternoon and evening hours, just occasionally,“ said Melvin Parks, pastor of Saint Mark Church Ministries.

Some say the bible study shooting is an example of violence in the community forcing its way inside. The church’s pastor says it won’t stop them from serving the community, “It’s unfortunate that it happened, but it just motivates me to want to reach out more to the people in the community.“

As for Hilda Royal, she couldn’t agree more, “We still gon’ keep on doing what we do.“

Keeping her word, she stayed through bible study on Wednesday to pray for the gunman, and returned the next day.

No one was injured in that shooting and police have not named any suspects.

They are meeting with church officials early next week to talk about ways to beef up security.

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