Church shooting suspect’s 1986 manslaughter revisited

| September 19, 2011

LAKELAND – Shekema Clark doesn't remember much about that dark night back in 1986, but she does remember this.

"I just remember my mom was shot and me and my brother ran for help," said Clark.

Clark was just 6 years old when Jeremiah Fogle shot and killed her mother Diane in their Highlands County home.

Investigators say Sunday, 25 years later, Fogle struck again — this time killing wife Theresa Brown Fogle in their Polk County home, then shooting two ministers at a nearby church.

"It's been a nightmare all night since yesterday,” Clark continued. “It's like it's happening all over again and I'm seeing my mom dying and we can not help her.”

Clark, now 31, says life has been difficult without her mom.

"I have been to psychiatrists to get counseling, I've had medication for the depression, and it helps. But the pain is still there because knowing someone has killed somebody, that you had to see and live with that for the rest of your life," said Clark.

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