Church Thieves Strike 27 Times In Rockingham Co. This Year

| November 15, 2011

Reidsville, NC — Who would steal from a church? That's the question sheriff's deputies in Rockingham County have asked 27 times, so far this year.

The Rockingham County Sheriff's Department reported that 24 churches, some more than once, have been hit over the past 11 months. Sheriff Sam Page said thieves are stealing everything from air conditioning units, to electronics, speaker systems, and cash. He said the bottom line is, churches are targets.

"The world is now twisted because people were made to be loved and things were made to be used. Now, it's things are being loved and people are being used," said Pastor James Hodges, of the Burton Memorial Missionary Baptist Church in Reidsville.

Hodges' church was hit twice this year. The first time, thieves broke in, looking for cash. The second time, thieves stole an air conditioning unit worth $5,000.

Hodges said they've forgiven the thieves, but they're also protecting themselves. They've installed security cameras, lights, and signs to warn them that they're going to get caught.

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