Churches tighten financial controls to avoid repeat embezzlement

| July 16, 2012

MOORE — The Rev. Tish Malloy's congregation at the First United Methodist Church of Moore was stunned when it was discovered a trusted employee embezzled $140,000 from church coffers for lavish vacations, a new car and a service to pick up dog poop.

It was revealed last week that police are investigating an alleged embezzlement of $109,454 at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Edmond. Malloy prayed for its congregation, knowing church members' heartache after having been through a similar controversy three years ago.

“It's a betrayal,” Malloy said. “It was very painful for us, but our congregation pulled together, and we learned and grew from the experience.”

Police reported the theft from the Edmond church, 424 S Littler, could have begun as far back as January 2004. A church employee is suspected of stealing the money, although no arrests have been made.

Church parishioners were informed July 8 after Mass.

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