Clifton church shooting victim testifies in trial of man accused of killing 2

| March 21, 2011

The surviving victim of a deadly 2008 Clifton church shooting identified California resident Joseph Pallipurath as the man who pulled out a gun on her and others on Nov. 23, 2008, a day when the lives of her cousin and another churchgoer would end and her own would be changed forever.

She didn't remember anything after that — but she remembered his expression, just before. “His face appeared angry,” said Sylvie Perincheril of Pallipurath, who was her cousin’s estranged husband.

Pallipurath would ultimately kill 24-year-old Reshma James, who was living with Perincheril in Hawthorne in trying to escape the marriage, and parishioner Dennis John Malloosseril, 25. Malloosseril had stepped in to protect James and Perincheril when Pallipurath confronted them in the church vestibule and started trying to pull his wife outside. All three were shot in the head. Only Perincheril survived.

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