Close Friend of Murdered Pastor Recalls Sunday’s Discovery

| August 28, 2009

ANADARKO, Oklahoma — A close friend of the slain pastor Carol Daniels remembers his friend of 31 years and speaks out on the terrible discovery he made last Sunday.

The Christ Holy Sanctified Church in Anadarko is a familiar place to Bishop Silkey Wilson. He and his wife were headed to Anadarko on Sunday to meet Pastor Daniels for Sunday School when they were met by the unimaginable.

"We noticed the front door was locked and banged on the front door. I rapped on the door with my cane, but we couldn’t get an answer," Wilson said.

Wilson said the church that’s now lined with a makeshift memorial was too quiet as if no one was home, but Pastor Daniels’ car was out front.

"We pegged on the windows and we drove around the building and tooted the horn on the car and got no response," Wilson said.

When he alerted police he said he had no idea what the officer on duty would find once inside.

"The only thing the officer said was ‘it didn’t look good.’ I didn’t know what to think… what to think. That’s the last thing I would have expected," Wilson said.

It’s the worst thing the Bishop said he’s been through, but he was quick to protect the pastor’s memory.

"I want them to remember Carol was a very faithful lady and she was a very sweet lady and she’s somebody everybody should’ve gotten to know," Wilson said. "I just remember a very ambitious, sweet lady."

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is still searching for any clues that could lead to a possible suspect or an arrest.

A vigil to honor Pastor Daniels will be Friday at 7 p.m. at the Greater First Baptist Church of Anadarko, 502 E Washington. The public is welcome to attend.

Daniels funeral will be at the Greater New Zion Baptist Church in Oklahoma City on Monday, August at 1 p.m.

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