Congregation avoids stray bullets through service

| October 25, 2010

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – Wednesday night, the congregation at Zion Spring Baptist Church in North Avondale ducked for cover after bullets went through a church window. They were in bible study.

Homeowners say they're not intimidated. They're not backing down to crime.

The incident was brought up at the North Avondale Neighborhood Association monthly meeting Thursday night.

The sentiment was that the community needs to stand up to the criminals.

A problem that's plaguing crime ridden communities could be hindering the investigation. The shooting has shaken some eyewitnesses to the point where they won't cooperate with police to help find the shooters.

One person in the meeting said, "Some people are a little bit apprehensive about identifying themselves for obvious reasons. Nobody wants retalitation."

"We know who did this," said Bobby Horne, Avondale Neighborhood Association president. "We knew this last night, know more today. The proper information will be passed on to local officials."

Horne says the suspects are drug dealers who once frequented his neighborhood..
The police officer who's assigned to the North Avondale community spoke at meeting.

He says police always patrol that area and crime has actually gone down there.

He could not talk about the investigation but said police do have leads.

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