Copper Bell Stolen From Church

| May 21, 2010

STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. — It seems nothing is sacred with metal thieves. Someone recently swiped a large copper bell from the Antioch A.M.E Church on South Hairston Road in Stone Mountain. The bell is estimated to weigh between 600 and 1,000 pounds.

“It must have taken three men to move it,” said church administrator James Simon.

Simon showed Channel 2 Action News reporter Tom Regan the broken pallets on which the bell was sitting behind the church. Church leaders were planning to hang the bell sometime in the future. At previous church locations, the large bell hung in a steeple and was used to call congregants to worship for nearly six decades.

“Every Sunday at 11 a.m., we’d ring the bell. It’s sadness, sadness. It’s like losing a member of your family,” said Simon.

Other church members said the theft is appalling. “It’s desperate, it’s bad that someone would actually steal a bell from a church,” said Charles Carpenter.

DeKalb County police have launched an investigation into the theft. The church also has contacted several scrap yards to alert them to be on the look out for the precious bell.

“You can’t put a value on this,” said Simon. “When I filed the police report, they asked for a value. I didn’t know how much it was worth. I was speechless. I wish someone would bring it back. No questions asked, Simon said.

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