Coptic priest found dead in Assiut

| February 24, 2011

CAIRO: A Coptic Priest was found killed in his home in the Southern City of Assiut on Monday. Reverend Dawood Boutros had been dead for two days before relatives found him after failing to get in contact with him for two days.

Following the announcement of his death, around 3,000 Copts protested in Assiut in front of the Priest`s house, chanting: “We sacrifice our life for the crucifix.”

Police officials claimed that the priest’s safe was found open and valuables missing indicating it was a violent theft, however Egypt`s leading government-run newspaper, Al-Ahram, said there is disagreement with the police`s version. Some claim that the murder was committed by State Security Personnel to counter calls that the State Security should be abolished and withdrawn.

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