Counter-Terrorism Bureau: Israelis face global threat

| July 8, 2010

The Counter-Terrorism Bureau on Monday issued a warning to Israelis staying abroad, and especially businesspeople, instructing them to remain on high alert and reject unexpected offers.

The Bureau also advised Israelis to avoid traveling to countries that face travel warnings at this time.

According to information obtained by the Counter-Terrorism Bureau, shooting attack and kidnapping threats still persist against Israelis abroad, especially businesspeople and former state officials.

The Bureau said the threats emerged after Hezbollah continued to blame Israel for the death of Imad Mughnia and Iran accused the Jewish State of murdering a nuclear scientist in Tehran.

Accordingly, previous travel warnings were reiterated, and the Bureau advised Israelis abroad to remain on high alert and reject any tempting offers related to either business or pleasure, and unexpected meeting invitations – especially in remote places and at late hours.

The Bureau also said Israelis should avoid hosting unexpected or suspicious guests in their hotel rooms.

In addition, Israelis on a prolonged stay abroad were asked to break their normal routine by changing daily driving routes and regularly visited restaurants and recreation spots.

The warning said Israelis should completely avoid traveling to countries that are facing previous travel warnings. The latest to join the list was Turkey, following the flotilla raid incident.

Warnings were also issued in recent months against traveling to Thailand and the Sinai Desert.,7340,L-3917207,00.html

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