DeRuyter church prays for three members still in Haiti

| January 13, 2010

DeRuyter (WSYR-TV) – Three missionaries from DeRuyter arrived there right before the quake hit. Vern Groves, Linda Springer and Andy Clendenning have not been heard from yet.

Within the United Church of DeRuyter there were 130 voices and one unified prayer of song for three people hundreds of miles away.

Among those voices were Roxanne Groves and Nikki Allen, both of whom have family they haven't heard from since they left for mission work in Haiti.

Nikki Allen’s mother Linda Springer was one of the folks that went to Haiti to help.

“I got a text from my mom around 12:46 yesterday saying that they landed and were headed to the mission. That was the only part I thought that I had to worry about was them getting there safely,” Allen said

Roxanne's husband Vern is the pastor at the church and was the one who organized the trip. It was it the first time all three had decided to go over.

“If we could just hear their voice and know that they are okay we know that things will work out and they will get back home,” Roxanne said.

One family member said it could take up to two to three days before they hear anything since most communication out of country is limited.

We know of one other missionary group of at least 20 people from the Slavic full gospel churches in East Syracuse, Cortland and Utica. One family member from that group said they know their son is alive because they saw him on television waiting at an airport to come home.

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