Despite qualms, judge allows handwriting evidence in synagogue bombing case

| February 19, 2011

OTTAWA — An Ottawa judge has decided to allow handwriting evidence likened by a French prosecutor to a "smoking gun" in the case against university professor and accused terrorist bomber Hassan Diab.

French authorities say Diab was a key player in a terrorist bombing outside a Paris synagogue in 1980 and want the Lebanon-born Canadian to stand trial in Paris for murder and attempted murder.

Based on witness statements taken shortly after the bombing, in which four people died, it is more or less accepted that the man who signed into a Paris hotel using the false name Alexander Panadriyu was the person who planted the bomb outside the synagogue.

Police compared that hotel card signature with Diab's writing on mid-1990s United States government documents — and it is those comparisons that are at the centre of the handwriting analysis argument.

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