Details of case against synagogue firebombing suspect aired at bail hearing

| February 1, 2012

HACKENSACK, N.J. — Anthony Graziano heard the screams of horror after he lobbed a Molotov cocktail into the living quarters of a Rutherford, N.J., synagogue where a rabbi lived with his family, a prosecutor said Tuesday, but he ignored the panicked cries and threw more firebombs at the building.

He was still enraged over his failed attempt to burn down a Paramus, N.J., synagogue a week earlier, the prosecutor said, and had vowed to a confidant that he would strike again to "raise some eyebrows."

Graziano, 19, of Lodi, N.J., gave that account to detectives shortly after his arrest last week in both attacks, Martin Delaney, an assistant Bergen County prosecutor, told a Superior Court judge in Hackensack on Tuesday.

Delaney offered those details after Graziano’s court-appointed attorney, Robert Kalisch, asked Judge Liliana DeAvila-Silebi to reduce his client’s $5 million bail. Kalisch objected to Delaney’s disclosures, saying Graziano is not yet on trial, but the judge did not agree.

Prosecutors are usually tight-lipped in the early phases of a case about the evidence they have gathered against defendants. But that often changes when a defendant seeks a bail reduction, prompting prosecutors to present evidence for why the bail should remain high.

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