Doctors deliver baby boy after gunman shoots pregnant mother dead in church attack

| October 2, 2011

A gunman shot dead a pregnant woman in church before kneeling at the altar and turning the weapon on himself.

Doctors are waiting to see if the woman's baby, delivered by paramedics on the church floor after she was killed, has suffered brain damage. Rocio Pineira, 36, had been days away from giving birth.

The boy was saved in an emergency cesarean section but had to be resuscitated during the procedure on Thursday evening at the Santa Maria del Pinar Church in Madrid.

The boy, named Alvaro, is in the neonatal intensive care unit at La Paz Hospital in the Spanish capital. Doctors said it will be several days before they can fully comment on the infant's condition but it was described as 'serious'.

The husband of Mrs Pineira is receiving treatment for shock.

The 34-year-old gunman, dressed in shorts and a straw hat, carried a pistol concealed inside a tennis racket cover. He walked into the church, in a middle-class neighborhood of Madrid, as around 40 people were waiting for Mass to begin.

He shot the 36-year-old mother-to-be in the head at point-blank range as she sat in a back pew next to her mother. She had gone to pray with her mother for the wellbeing of the unborn child.

He then walked a few steps down the centre aisle and shot a 52-year-old woman in the chest but she survived.

She is being treated in hospital where her condition was described as 'serious but not life-threatening'.

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