Explosion Levels Church In Anderson County

| January 11, 2010

News Channel 7’s Carmen Coursey reports more than 40 calls were made to 911 operators over the explosion and fire at Shekinah Glory New Testament Church on Highway 29 South in Anderson County.

The church building was blown completely apart after being viewed after daylight.

The fire chief says calls came about the blast from three miles away. Anderson County fire investigators, emergency services, SLED and ATF agents are going through what’s left of the building Monday.

Water runoff – from fighting the fire – ran down a hill to Highway 29 and was freezing. The highway was closed for about three hours Monday morning to prevent any further problems from car accidents.

Federal investigators, the State Law Enforcement Division, and Anderson County Firefighters are trying to find the cause of an explosion that has leveled a church. All that stands at Shekinah Glory New Testament Church on U.S. Hwy 29 South is the foundation and smoldering ash.

News Channel 7 crew was first on the scene at 10:15 p.m. Sunday night to capture flames gutting the sanctuary. Investigators said no one was inside for several hours, and no one was hurt.

It took up to 50 firefighters to put out the flames. One man News Channel 7 talked to lives a mile away from the fire, and said the blast shook his house.

“With it being this far from the house I was kind of worried about it because I mean feeling that from here to my house. I was kind of worried about it”, said Ed Taylor.

Anderson County Fire Chief Billy Gibson said one major hazard was a 350 gallon propane tank that provided fuel for the church’s furnance. The explosion blew the tank over, and propane was venting out.

Gibson said, “All the cinder blocks are completely out away from the church, and we have six sections of the roof that have been blown several feet away from here. So this was quite a powerful blast. It did a lot of damage”.


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