Family Forgives, Investigation Continues in Anadarko Pastor’s Death

| September 1, 2009

ANADARKO, Oklahoma – OSBI continues to investigate the brutal murder of an Anadarko pastor, and they spent the day asking questions and gathering information.

Investigators only have a few leads in Carol Daniel’s death, but are busy running each one of them down.

Although the talk around town was that someone turned themselves in Monday, the OSBI said that rumor is false, but they are working very hard.

As the Anadarko community prays for strength and understanding of what happened inside the Christ Holy Sanctified Church last Sunday, investigators spent the day interviewing people around the clock.

They have not named any suspects and say the questioning is just part of the investigation.

A week has gone by, and the church doors remain locked. NEWS 9 was told that the grisly scene inside has not been cleaned up. The inside of the church will likely need a massive overhaul.

Notes from the medical examiner released last week show severe gashes to both the chest and neck area. A victim coordinator with the Caddo County DA’s office is still trying to get in touch with the owner of the building.

There is money from a victim’s relief fund that can go towards clean-up, but authorities have to get clearance first. They are working hard to do so as erasing the scene of what happened in the Anadarko church may help with moving forward.

A vigil to do just that took place on Friday, and Pastor Daniels’ funeral Monday was yet another step for the community to move on, though family and friends say Pastor Daniels’ ministry will live on.

The photos of her funeral card show the large family that loved Pastor Daniels. The script inside is the story of her life, a woman of faith and a strong mother who will be greatly missed.

NEWS 9 also learned Pastor Daniels was married to an Alvin Daniels Junior in 1971. Court documents indicate that marriage ended in divorce 23 years later.

While the investigation continues, the pastor’s brother told NEWS 9 they’ve already forgiven her killer.

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