FBI: Temple gunman shot himself in head after being shot by officer

| August 8, 2012

The FBI on Wednesday said Wade Michael Page, the gunman who killed six people at the Oak Creek Sikh temple on Sunday, shot and killed himself after he was wounded by an Oak Creek police officer.

Authorities previously said Page died after he was shot by a police officer after Page refused commands to drop his weapon and fired at officers. They did not mention the self-inflicted wound until Wednesday.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Teresa Carlson said evidence, including videotape, related to the officer shooting Page showed Page took his own life after the rifle shot took him down. But there is no surveillance video from the temple that would show the shooting inside.

That officer shot Page in the stomach, "thereby neutralizing the threat," Carlson said, noting, "I've seen the video, it was an amazing shot. And thank goodness.

"Subsequent to that wound, it appears that Page died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head," Carlson said at a news conference at the FBI office in Milwaukee.

Carlson said the officer's body shot potentially would have been fatal, but that it was the self-inflicted wound that killed Page.

The officer who shot Page has been identified by the police union as Sam Lenda.

The officer was 25 yards away from Page when he shot him, according to reports released Wednesday by the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office.

Those reports indicate that Page shot his first victims outside the temple and then went inside, where he shot and killed four people in various locations of the building. Two victims and Page died outside the temple.

Carlson said it did not appear Page was targeting specific individuals.

Steven Conley, assistant special agent in charge of national security for the FBI, said, "We may never know why he chose that facility at that point in time. . . . That may have died with Page."



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