| August 11, 2009

THE Clarendon police have held four men in connection with the abduction and rape of a 13-year-old girl who was on a camping trip with members of her church in the parish last Thursday, Independence Day.

But the police said the alleged mastermind behind the horrific incident was still at large.

"Four persons who the police believed may have played a part in the attack of a group of children at Midland Bible Institute… have been held," Superintendent Dayton Henry told the Observer yesterday.

The senior officer said the men were held following a massive manhunt which was launched immediately after the incident.
The incident occurred at approximately 1:00 am Thursday morning in Canaan Heights and saw several gunmen invading the church camp, robbing the girl and about 20 of her peers at gunpoint before abducting her. The teenager was raped and left in bushes.

One source, who was allegedly present when the incident took place, said several adults who were supervising the children at the time of the attack had to stand by and watch helplessly.

"Adults at the camp had to watch helplessly as the men robbed the children of several items," the source said.

News of the horrible incident sent shockwaves through the parish last Thursday, with the police there warning that they would do all they could to bring the criminals to justice.

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