Girl nearly abducted during church Easter egg hunt

| April 6, 2010

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – Police say a man tried to kidnap a little girl while she hid Easter eggs outside of a Montgomery church Sunday morning.

As of Monday afternoon, Montgomery Police were following numerous leads, though there hasn't been an arrest.

On a day devoted to faith, togetherness, and fun, parishioners at Hunter Station Baptist Church don't know what to think.

"They're not safe at their home, they're not safe at the store. They're not safe at the church no more," said Jane Silas.

Luckily, this church has a surveillance camera–which caught the attempt on tape.

The attempted abduction started during Sunday worship. A 10-year-old girl and her brother stepped outside to hide Easter eggs for the other children, according to police.

While the siblings were hiding the eggs authorities say the driver of a black SUV passed the parking lot, circled back, got out, and asked the kids to come over.

"He pulled up, attempted to talk to the subject's little brother–who was 6 years of age–and began making small talk with him," explained MPD Sergeant M.E. Tatum.

The man's small talk then abruptly ended. "He grabbed her, pushed her in the truck," Silas said.

Police say the man also pushed the boy to the ground and tried to drive off with the girl. At the same time, the quick-thinking girl jumped from the SUV and ran off.

"I have to tip my hat to the young girl for her bravery and keeping her wit about her," Tatum said.

"She actually ran from the vehicle at the time he tried to get her in, and possibly saved her life,"

It's an Easter Sunday that could have ended much worse. Church members say they'll stay out with the children next time.

"If I had been five more minutes, I'd have been coming out when he tried to grab her," said Raymond Silas.

"We're going to have to watch them closer," Jane Silas explained. "Very, very, very close. So, you can't trust anything."

Right now, police are looking a white male in his late 30s or early 40s. Authorities say the man has a bald spot on the top of his head.

He was wearing a blue polo shirt and black pants and took off in a black, Nissan XTerra-type SUV.

Police say the little girl is safe and sound and thankful to be alive. Major Huey Thornton of the Montgomery Police Department said the police are following several leads, but as of mid-morning on Monday, no one had been taken into custody.

If you can help police, call Montgomery Area Crimestoppers at (334) 215-STOP.

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