Highland Park Church Group In Haiti: “We’re Safe”

| January 13, 2010

Very little information has come out about the conditions of twelve North Texans trapped in Haiti, but a text message from the group shortly after the earthquake lets people back home know they are alive.

The team went down for a medical mission trip earlier this month.

As their families here in Texas worry about their whereabouts, a single text message has given them hope.

Missionaries from the Highland Park United Methodist Church have worked alongside Haitian doctors for the past 30 years at the Haiti eye clinic.

"Mission teams will go down there and diagnose, treat any ailment that they have and also teach any doctors specific skills." Said the Mission's Coordinator Rachel Faubion.

Right now, the twelve missionaries are faced with a mission much larger than they expected.

"I can't tell you exactly what is going on." Faubion said. She says fortunately the team is safe.

Despite the devastation of this deadly earthquake, the church family here in North Texas has peace of mind.

"Just after the earthquake occurred yesterday one of the team members texted a family member and we were notified of that." Faubion said.

The message was received just 30 minutes after the earthquake, and assured the recipient that the team was together.

"It was an incredible comfort that they are all together and can care for each other." Said Faubion. "Our focus right now our energy is being spent on getting them home."

While they church prays, and makes plans for the evacuation, the medical missionaries in the island nation are needed more than ever.

"I'm sure they're offering whatever they can to the Haitian people." Faubion said.

The Highland Park United Methodist Church will hold a special prayer service, Wednesday night, for their missionary team and the people of Haiti.



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