Homeless man accused of assaulting OL preacher & threatening to burn church

| December 2, 2011

A homeless man who slapped a pastor and threatened to blow up the pastor's church has been charged with several crimes including aggravated assault and battery, according to Oak Lawn police.

Adam E. Pauplawskas III, 34, of Chicago, was also charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest on Nov. 18, police said.

The Rev. Russell A. LaRaviere, pastor of the Strictly for Christ Church his boyhood home converted into a church at 8758 Central Ave. in Oak Lawn – reportedly told Paplawskas he could stay at the church provided he refrained from smoking, drinking and entertaining women visitors.

After spending most of the day out on Nov. 18, LaRaviere returned to the church to find Paplawskas violating all three of his rules, police said. When LaRaviere told the homeless man he would have to leave, Paplawskas reportedly refused and became verbally abusive. During what LaRaviere described to police as an "angry rant," Paplawskas allegedly told the pastor he would "mess [him] up," burn down the church and blow the building up.

As police were escorting Paplawskas from an upstairs bedroom at the building, he allegedly lunged at LaRaviere and slapped him on the head, causing the pastor to fall down the stairs to the landing. LaRaviere was uninjured, but opted to press charges against Paplawskas, police said.



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