‘It just hurts': Pastor saddened by repeated burglaries at south-side church

| September 20, 2010

The pastor of the Kingsborough Ridge Baptist Church has had it with burglars stealing from them. The latest theft happened early Friday morning.

Pastor Samuel Espinoza said he and members came to the church in the 600 block of Moursund Blvd to pray Friday morning and noticed the window-unit air conditioner from the nursery was missing.

"We come at 5 o'clock in the morning for prayer," Espinoza said. "Our deacons called and showed me. (They said) 'Pastor, someone has broken into the church.'"

Espinoza said it's a rough way to begin a day where they were coming to pray to begin their day right. Prayer is now extended to those who have been preying on them.

In the past six months, crooks have stolen another air conditioner, a barbecue grill and copper wires from the main 240-volt power source of the church, the pastor said. One of their buildings also was tagged with graffiti.

"We're not a big, wealthy church," he said. "So, every penny that's donated to the church goes back to the community, goes back to our church members, and it takes away from one area, especially from our children's department."

Unfortunately, Espinoza said, the church's toddlers will now have to run around without any A/C.

"It just hurts," he said.

The church plans to upgrade its alarm system, install surveillance cameras, put up a fence and work with SAPD to burglar-proof their facility.



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