Jesus statue protesters claim assault by church member

| June 18, 2010

MONROE — Two men were escorted out of Solid Rock Church on Union Road Wednesday night, June 16, for protesting the Kings of Kings statue that was destroyed after being struck by lightning Monday, June 14.

Police were called to the church about a disturbance at 8:15 p.m. Wednesday where Brandon Ushry, of Cincinnati, said he was assaulted by church member Leroy Hooks, of Lebanon.

Ushry, 23, told police he and friend Andrew Braden, 27, attended the service that evening to protest the “worship of a graven image,” in reference to the King of Kings statue the church plans to rebuild this summer.

Ushry said when he and Braden began to protest during the sermon, they were told to leave by church security. As they went to leave, he was grabbed and shoved by Hooks, who escorted the pair out of the building, the police report said.

Pastor Lawrence Bishop told police Ushry and Braden were disruptive and he asked the church’s security to escort them off the premises.

Ushry told police he has no marks or bruises, but felt threatened by Hooks.

Charges by the Warren County Prosecutor’s Office are pending.

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