Kilgore official concerned about area church fires

| January 23, 2010

With five East Texas church fires ruled as arson, the Kilgore Fire Department and Kilgore Police Department are on alert.

Ronnie Moore, director of public safety for the City of Kilgore said the police department has extra patrols on every church in the city limits of Kilgore.

Arson prevention concerns vary from church to church, said Moore. “Every building layout is different, some of these churches have no fire detection system so the fire can be fully enveloped by the time the fire department arrive on the scene,” said Moore. “The one concern we don’t have is water supply.”

He said the fire department has been notified of events surrounding the East Texas church fires and information is being shared from other East Texas agencies to ensure all departments are on the same page.

Moore said he did not want to speculate as to why the arsonist is setting the fires. While some arsons are set for monetary gain, that doesn’t seem to apply in this case, he said.

Pastor Darwood Galaway at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church said the fires are a terrible thing and his heart goes out to the members of those congregations that have been affected.

“Our head of trustees for St. Luke’s has been in contact with the Kilgore Police department and our church has taken extra security measures during this troubling time,” said Gallaway.

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