Lithuania synagogue vandalised following controversial state-funded reburial of Nazi ‘collaborator’

| May 26, 2012

VILNIUS (EJP)—A century-old renowned Vilnius synagogue was vandalised following last week’s controversial decision in Lithuania to grant a state-funded funeral to the country’s notorious 1941 pro-Nazi leader.

Unknown attackers daubed the Choral Temple, the only remaining active synagogue in a city which boasted more than one hundred pre-Holocaust, in green paint on Friday.

Milan Chersonski, editor of Lithuanian Jerusalem, the Jewish community’s publication, described the incident as being a direct consequence of the “unofficial supplementary program” to rebury former Provisional Government head Juozas Ambrazevicius-Brazaitis in Lithuania’s second largest city of Kaunas:

“If great eminences like the former heads of state Vytaytas Landsberis and Valdas Adamkus are parties to the honouring of a Holocaust collaborator, then hooligans in town feel able to make their own contribution too with a can of paint thrown at the synagogue. In their own way, they have all thrown paint in the faces of the small surviving Jewish community in the country”, he said.

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