Live bomb discovered in Carroll County, AR church

| June 11, 2010

CARROLL COUNTY, AR — The discovery of a bomb at Osage Baptist Church in rural Carroll County has sent shockwaves through this community. Officials say they don't believe church members were the target here. Instead, they say voters may have been who this bomber was after.

It's a crime that surprises even Carroll County Sheriff Robert Grudek: The attempted bombing of a country church. "We have had some scares before, but never actually a bomb," he says.

Authorities say on Tuesday, Election Day, Osage Baptist Church near Alpena was open as a polling place. That's when somebody slipped in, and left a live bomb in the foyer where voting was underway. The sheriff explains, it was "a very powerful bomb. A lot of the individuals could have been seriously hurt or even killed."

Investigators say they're particularly concerned about how this bomb was made. We're told the sophisticated parts were stuffed into a soda can, designed to go off when it was picked up. Deputies say it was picked up by a cleaning crew that came across it. Amazingly, the trigger malfunctioned.

Crews were soon on scene to detonate what they're calling the job of no amateur. "It had to have been an experienced person who put the bomb together," explains Sheriff Grudek.

At this point, authorities don't believe this was a hate crime against the church- but wont rule it out completely. Investigators say with the timing, it appears the culprit may have been targeting voters. However, authorities say there were no local contentious ballot issues or races.

THE ATF and FBI has joined the search. So far, investigators say they have not run into any major leads. Anyone with information is being urged to call the Carroll County Sherrif's Department at (870) 423-2901.

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