Local church plans to allow guns in sanctuary

| July 12, 2010

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) – A new law is set to take effect in mid August that would allow guns in church.

Some church officials say guns have no place in a house of worship, while others believe in protecting their congregation by any means necessary.

There are certain things we all expect to see in a church, synagogue or mosque. Things like bibles, collection plates and people worshiping.

What we do not expect to see is something that Pastor Eric Williams of Beacon Light Church says could save lives.

"Everybody is not happy with what God is doing, so we've got to protect Gods people at any cost," said Williams.

He believes the new law Governor Bobby Jindal has signed off on is needed. Church officials will now be allowed to let people with concealed handgun permits carry their weapons to church. They would have to take an extra eight hours of tactical training each year and the congregation must be alerted of the possible changes headed their way.

"That doesn't mean everyone should have a gun," said Williams. "Only those who have been through the proper training. Security, police, those types are the only ones who should have those types of weapons on the premises."

Williams says on August 15th he plans to announce to his congregation that certain people will be carrying concealed handguns in church.

The new law does not apply to churches on school property.



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