Man Accused of Trying to Rob Nun, 74, Inside Grosse Pointe Park Church

| March 7, 2011

GROSSE POINTE PARK, Mich. (WJBK) – It was late, around 10:00 p.m., at Saint Clare Montefalco Church on Whittier in Grosse Pointe Park. A 74-year-old nun was locking the church after a mission service. What she didn't know was a man was hiding inside the church and he had a gun.

"Pointed a gun at her, demanded money. She didn't have any. He took her and put her in a bathroom, told her to stay in there," said Grosse Pointe Park Police Lieutenant John Kretzschmar.

The bad guy should spend more time in church. He would know nuns don't carry a lot of cash. This nun had none, so he told her to wait in the ladies room while he quickly looked for another victim to rob. But no luck, so he quietly slipped out of the church and walked into the night.

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